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We here at Storwick Funding offer a range of loan services. From personal loans to business loans we are here to help our clients. Do not let your past financial decisions dictate your future. We all deserve a fresh start at taking steps towards financial prosperity.

What We

Personal Loans

Our most sought out service is our personal loans. Starting from $5000 we offer competitive interest rates and affordable monthly payments for all of our clients no matter your credit.

Business Loans

It is a great time to start your own business or continue to grow your existing business with new capital. Reach out to one of our consultants on how we can further push your goals. 

Auto Loans

We know how stressful car repairs can be, especially all of a sudden. Let us help fund your repairs or put you in a new reliable vehicle with one of our loans.

Student Loans

The stress of post secondary can be very overwhelming at times. Let us help you by taking the stress out of funding your education so you can focus on your studies and graduating.

Debt Consolidation

Past mistakes should not deter you from getting what you want in the future. Reach out to one of our experienced consultants on how we can help pay off your debts and rebuild your credit.

Emergency Funds

We noticed an uptake in clients seeking funds especially during the pandemic which hit everyone by surprise. Don't let that happen to you again. Speak to one of our consultants on how to prepare for the future.

When Times got hard I had no clue how I was going to make it through financially. My wife suggested Storwick Funding after speaking with a co-worker and it was the best advice I received. I was able to pay off my debts and better prepare myself for the future.

Robb Walters

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